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 Sumatran Tigers - Pictures
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The smallest subspecies, Sumatran Tigers, are now the focus of environmentalists' attention since this animal is critically endangered and has to be protected in the wild. Although the Sumatran Tiger faces few threats in the wild, it suffers greatly from poaching and habitat destruction. Its body parts and pelt have always been hunted for as "essential" constituents of medicines.

Nowadays, the population of the Sumatran Tiger is about 400 species. Some animals live in zoos in Europe, Australia, and North America. The greatest population is found in parks and reserves of Indonesia. However, if no effective measures are taken to protect the Sumatran Tiger, there is a possibility that the species will go extinct in ten years.

Sumatran Tigers - Description

Sumatran Tigers are big cats with narrow stripes on the orange to dark reddish coat. The Sumatran Tiger is darker than other subspecies and is the smallest of Panthera tigris. It has a few adaptations that help it live in deep jungles. Thus, the species has long whiskers that improve the senses of the animal. The fur on the sides of the face is a bit longer. Although the function of the fur is not exactly known, it may serve as a protection means when going through dense bushes.

The Sumatran Tiger has white spots on the back of the ears that are believed to visually enlarge the size of the animal and serve as false eyes in the case that the predator is behind. This helps the Sumatran Tiger cubs to be kept safe.

Sumatran Tigers are one of the two cats that can be observed in water. Sometimes, they are seen near waterfalls and other water resources trying to cool themselves in hot weather. Moreover, they are good swimmers and are known to cross several rivers in search of prey. The species is equipped with webbed toes, which is just another Sumatran Tigers' adaptation for life in the wild.

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Sumatran Tiger
Sumatran Tiger
Sumatran Tiger
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